Windows 10 Build 19624 is available for testing, download ISO

Windows 10 Build 19624 is available for testing, download ISO

05/06/2020 Windows 10 ISO

Download Windows 10 Build 19624, designed for members of the Windows Insider program with update priority Early Access.

Full build number: 19624.1000.rs_prerelease.200502-1339

Changes and Improvements

Temporarily disabled a new search box on the “Default Applications” settings page.
The VPN connection logic has been updated: if you disconnect from the VPN network, the automatic connection option will now be disabled (similar to how it works for Wi-Fi).
The text of the dialog “Add device: now the list of examples in the Bluetooth item contains controllers is also updated.
The “Optional updates available” section of Windows Update has been updated: now you can copy the text if necessary.


Fixed a problem that caused unexpected flicker in the Windows interface and applications in the last two assemblies.
Fixed an issue where the IIS configuration was reset to its default values ​​after upgrading to a new assembly.
Fixed an issue where a quick switch between Windows subsystem distributions for Linux (WSL) using Explorer could cause an access error.
Fixed a problem that affects the stability of the explorer.exe process for some insiders.
Fixed a problem that caused the Settings application and the taskbar volume drop-down list to crash when certain devices were selected from the drop-down list of devices.
Fixed an issue that could lead to the VPN not connecting automatically (if it was configured for this) after the update.
Fixed a problem where the battery icon on the lock screen always showed an almost complete lack of charge, regardless of the current battery level.
The problem was fixed when, when opening the laptop after it was in sleep mode, and it was connected to an external monitor with an external camera, Windows Hello would recognize you, but would not close the lock screen.
Fixed a problem that could lead to checking for errors on your device after it was in sleep mode.
Fixed an issue that caused some Bluetooth mice to connect to the device very slowly after it was in sleep mode.
Fixed an issue where it was impossible to exit the Connect application settings dialog box with the mouse.
Fixed an issue where the kernel isolation function (Windows Security> Device Security> Kernel Isolation) has not recently been enabled on certain devices.
Fixed an issue that caused Windows Update to crash with error code 0x800700b7.
The problem was fixed when updates in Windows Update did not complete and were displayed in the process until the Settings application was closed and reopened.
Fixed an issue where some of the buttons and links on the Language page weren’t the correct color when using high contrast mode.
We fixed an issue where the text in the “Disk Optimization” window in the “Scheduled Optimization” section was cut off in several languages ​​and at certain levels of text scaling.

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