Windows 10 Build 20170 (Dev): Sound settings improvements, new Settings app icon

Scripts in AutoCAD. Most underrated weapon

In my first article, I mentioned the term “scripts” 15 times and never explained what it is, how they are written (of course, not in terms of spelling, but in terms of file content) and, most importantly, what, in fact, are needed … It’s time to shed some light on this dark, unexplored corner of […]

NVIDIA Studio Driver 451.77 Update: DirectX 12 Ultimate, Vulkan 1.2, CUDA 11.0

Microsoft Surface Book 3 laptops will be called gaming PCs

Unlike the new MacBook Pro 13, the older version can be equipped with a GeForce GTX 1660 Ti We have already talked about the Microsoft Surface Book 3 laptop today. Recall that at least the older configuration should receive a CPU Core i7-1065G7 and 32 GB of RAM. What’s new? However, Surface Book laptops have […]

Patches Tuesday (July 2020): Fixed 123 security vulnerabilities

The cheapest tablet Microsoft will disappoint processors

But then Surface Go 2 will please with a slightly enlarged screen, with slightly increased resolution. What’s new? For the third time today, we have to talk about the upcoming mobile PCs from Microsoft. Now we are talking about Surface Go 2 – the second generation of the cheapest Windows 10 tablet from the company. […]

Update KB4558998 (Build 17763.1339) for Windows 10, Version 1809

Game console Xbox Series X has become on the conveyor

Mass production of the console began on March 27. One of the users of the ResetEra video games forum announced the start of mass production of the Xbox Series X game console. What’s new? According to an insider, the production of the set-top box has been established at enterprises in China and Malaysia, and the […]

KB4565483 Update for Windows 10, Version 1909 and 1903

Microsoft taught Windows 10 computers how to control music on a smartphone

Microsoft continues to develop the Your Phone application for the Windows 10 operating system. The latest update introduces a long-requested feature – control music on your smartphone directly from your computer. While in test version To reduce distractions at work. Microsoft taught Windows 10 computers how to control music on a smartphone Now the Your […]

Microsoft fixed a problem with recovery partitions in Windows 10, version 2004

Why Windows 10 Updates Got Problematic And It Hasn’t Been Fixed Yet

Microsoft’s own testing team disbanded It has become a tradition that when Microsoft releases another update for the Windows 10 operating system, users should prepare for unpleasant surprises. What happened? The Windows Update mess started with the release of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update about two years ago. Then the update led to the […]

Microsoft Confirms Force Restart Issue in Latest Windows 10

Windows 10 has problems connecting to the Internet

However, users have already found a workaround Cumulative updates for the Windows 10 operating system continue to bring new issues with them. This time around, Windows 10 users are massively reporting internet connection issues. Microsoft is working on a patch Microsoft has already confirmed that this bug affects users who have builds of Windows 10 […]

Download Update KB4567523 (Build 19041.331) for Windows 10, version 2004

Apple and Microsoft: two visions of one future

Apple and Microsoft are sworn friends of the computing world. Whether it was the Zune and iPod, Surface and iPad, or even the classic Windows versus OS X confrontation, the two companies often fought to gain recognition from the same audience, where each saw the segment evolve from a different perspective. But today, in the […]

Download update KB4567512 for Windows 10, version 1909 and 1903

10 reasons for a bright future for Microsoft

Microsoft was once the epitome of a boring multinational corporation. She created functional and useful software that ran most of the world’s computers, but offered little inspiration to hundreds of millions of users around the world. There were times when the company rarely made the headlines, aside from the days of a new version of […]