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How is AutoCAD LT different from standard AutoCAD?

11/09/2020 Work programs for Windows 10

AutoCAD is a CAD software for 2D and 3D design and drafting developed by Autodesk.

AutoCAD can be purchased in two versions – AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, which are very similar to each other, but have a number of differences.

What are the differences between AutoCAD LT and standard AutoCAD?

Often, when choosing between the two options for this CAD system, users are asked questions:

How is AutoCAD LT different from regular, full-featured AutoCAD?
Should you pay extra for full AutoCAD?
Wouldn’t we be wrong if we decide to buy AutoCAD LT?
What benefits will we get when buying AutoCAD LT?
We hope that the following key differences between AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD will help you understand the difference between the two software products and make the right choice.


Low price is the key advantage of AutoCAD LT over AutoCAD (at the moment AutoCAD LT is about 4 times cheaper). If you are only engaged in 2D design and do not have time to study 3D design and programming languages, then AutoCAD LT is your choice.

3D design

The ability to work in 3D space and build 3D models is the most noticeable difference between AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. If you are designing in 3D, then your only choice is full-featured AutoCAD.

However, in AutoCAD LT you can open and view 3D models created in full version, but you cannot edit them and create new ones. This makes it possible to flexibly equip user workstations: a full-fledged AutoCAD is necessary only for those users who design in a 3D environment, and those who draw up drawings from models and create flat drawings, it is enough to purchase AutoCAD LT.

Possibilities of adaptation, customization and expansion of functionality

In AutoCAD LT, in contrast to full-fledged AutoCAD, the possibilities for adaptation, expansion of functionality and the use of third-party programs and utilities are very limited.

Sooner or later, every user is faced with the need to customize the program for the most comfortable use or expand functionality. A full-fledged AutoCAD has all the necessary tools for this: supports the creation of user profiles, has a number of programming interfaces (APIs), including its own programming language AutoLISP and its later version Visual LISP, as well as compiled VBA and .NET. All this allows you to write both your own applications and use third-party software.

AutoCAD LT does not have the ability to create and run third-party programs, it only provides basic customization and adaptation. For example, users can easily create and modify toolbars, write scripts and macros, create and use their own patterns of hatches and linetypes.

Network licenses

When purchasing AutoCAD LT, there is no option to choose a network license, only a local single user license, while AutoCAD offers a choice.

What is a network license? For example, a network license for 10 workplaces allows you to install the program on an unlimited number of seats, but you can run it simultaneously on no more than 10 computers. A local license is tied to a specific computer.

In addition, the lack of network licenses does not allow for simultaneous centralized installation, configuration and software updates on user workstations.

Express Tools

AutoCAD LT does not have Express Tools. The Express Tools package is a set of commands that significantly enhance the functionality of AutoCAD but are not officially supported by developers. You can use them to edit and create objects, such as drawing text in an arc, creating patterns of hatches and linetypes, and much more.

Parametric dependencies

Standard full-fledged AutoCAD when creating drawings allows you to use dimensional parametric constraints. AutoCAD LT does not support the creation of such constraints, but in it you can correctly open parametric drawings created in the full version of AutoCAD and remove the constraints if necessary.

If you are planning to create parametric drawings, then your choice is full-fledged AutoCAD.

Retrieving data

AutoCAD LT does not support extracting object, block, and attribute data. With full AutoCAD, you can automatically generate a variety of reports using the data extraction command, including room explications, BOMs, BOMs, point tables, and more.

There is no such tool in AutoCAD LT.

Working with bitmaps

In AutoCAD LT, the functionality for working with raster underlays is very limited – an image can only be inserted as an object. Full-fledged AutoCAD allows you to correct the bitmap, crop it to the desired size, etc.


Despite all the limitations, AutoCAD LT remains a full-fledged two-dimensional CAD system with a full set of commands and functions for designing in two-dimensional space and designing drawings. It suits both large organizations and individual users. Among the undoubted advantages of AutoCAD LT are the extremely low cost of acquisition and ownership, ease of installation and mastering by users, a full set of all the necessary tools for creating and adjusting drawings.